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Learn Spanish in Tamarindo

Currency Costa Rican colón
Inhabitants 1000
Climate A the coast the average temperature is about 26 to 27°C (80 F), all year round. The rainy season is from May to November.
Closest airport Liberia (closest to Tamarindo) and San José
Description Tamarindo is a small fisher village with only 1.000 inhabitants. The impressively pretty and quiet surroundings give you the feeling you’re in paradise. The village itself has all services like a supermarket, bars, restaurants, etc. The famous Tamarindo beaches are within walking distance.
Highlights The beaches in Tamarindo and around are considered to be the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Because of it’s fine waves, Tamarindo has become a Mecca for surfers all over the world. Visit the Nacional Park Volcan Razu or one of many national parks around.
Things to do Deep sea fishing is the Pacific Ocean, rent a surf board and check out Costa Rican waves, rafting on a river and go to San José for the weekend.
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