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Learn Spanish in Santiago

Currency Chilean Peso
Inhabitants 5 million
Climate in May it’s about 19 °C (66 F) and 29 °C (84 F) in December
Closest airport Santiago de Chili
Description Santiago has a population of 5 million people and is located in the central valley at the foot of the Andes. It is a safe and modern city with good public transportation and a warm Mediterranean climate with average summer daytime temperatures of 80-85 degrees (29 °C). In the evenings it cools off comfortably.
Highlights Within a day's travel of Santiago, you can visit Mount Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas, the vineyards, the beach, the best Chilean ski resorts or the picturesque harbour city of Valparaíso. The variety of cultural offerings is some of the best all of South America.
Things to do Grab a drink and sit down on one of terraces in the Bellavista area, visit the famous Chilean wineries, go rafting at the Rio Maipó, go skiing or snowboarding in El Colorado on a 2800 meter altitude, etc.
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