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Frequently asked questions

  What does linguaschools do?
  Linguaschools offers Spanish language courses abroad. Linguaschools arranges the course, accommodation and the transfer service from the airport to the accommodation, if required.

Payment and enrolment
  When can I start?
  All courses begin on Mondays and end on Fridays. Starting in the middle of the week is not possible. For “Intensive” Spanish courses you can start any Monday. There might apply fixed start dates for absolute beginners or for specific courses. You can read such start dates by clicking on “Start dates and official holidays” in the webpages “course” of each destination.
  Can I book for next week?
  In order to guarantee yourself a place in one of our courses, you should enrol at least 2 weeks before the first day of the course. If your preferred start date is within 2 weeks, please contact us and we will check availability.
  How can I get a price quote and book a course?
  All prices for our destinations in Latin America are in US Dollar. You can easily calculate the total price for your program at our website in just 1 minute. To do this, click on “price quote” or “enrol now”. Select the options you are interested in and the total price per person will appear on the right hand side. Everything, such as registration fee, class material, summer fee, etc. is included. You can get as many price quotes as you want. Prices are also written out at the ‘prices’ section of each destination.

Once decided if and what you want to book, you can enrol by clicking the 'book now' button. Just follow the steps of the booking system. Step 1. Select the course type and accommodation type. Step 2. Fill in the form with your personal data; Step 3. Before ticking the “move on to payment” button, read and accept the general conditions; Step 4. To complete and secure your booking, pay the 150 USD down payment. If you have questions or problems with the booking procedure, please contact us.

  How does the payment work?
  You pay a down payment of 150 USD to lingua to secure your booking (step 3 of the enrolment process). The remainder, total price minus down payment, has to be paid before the course starts. You can pay the remaining amount on the first day of your course at the school’s secretary. You can also pay to lingua in advance, by logging in to your personal lingua webpage (see below for an explanation about the personal webpage)
  Which payment options do you accept?
  Your enrolment will be processed when we have received your down payment. You can pay the down payment by using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), PayPal, direct debit, several local payment systems or international bank transfer. You can choose the payment method during the enrolment procedure. If you choose to pay by international bank transfer, please use the exact “Reference code” as provided to you by email.
  How can we enrol if we are with 2 (or more) persons?
  If you want to book a course with 2 or more persons, each person can just enrol through our website. On the second page you can just fill in a note with who you are travelling with in the field “notes”. Lingua will then make sure that you will be placed together in the accommodation and/or class (as long as you have the same level). When you are with more than 2 persons, we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in the same accommodation. Contact us for more information.
  Does Lingua charge an enrolment fee?
  No, Lingua doesn't charge any enrolment fee or any extra costs for services. The price you pay equals the price you should pay if you book directly at the language school.
  Can I book the course without accommodation?
  Yes, just select “no accommodation” in the booking system.
  Can I book multiple destinations?
  Yes it’s possible to combine as much destinations as you want. You could choose to study for 4 weeks in Buenos Aires and for 4 weeks in Cusco for example. Or you can combine more cities. Please contact us and we’ll customize a price quote for you.
  What is the lingua personal webpage?
  Within a couple of working days after enrolling you will receive the login details for a personal webpage. Your personal webpage will show the programme that is booked for you, the remaining sum to pay and will include all the information you need to start your course, such as travel information, school- and accommodation addresses, important phone numbers, etc. All information will be online at the latest 7 days before the start of your course. You can access the page 24/7. It is also possible to make a print of the personal webpage including all the details you will need. On this page we will also ask you to fill out a level test if you’re not an absolute beginner and we ask you to fill out your exact arrival details in order to inform the involved parties.

The schools
  Where are the schools located?
  Our language schools are always located in, or very nearby, the city centre. To view the exact location and address, please check the “school” section at our website for a link to a map.
  How can I get to the school?
  The school address and the time you have to be there on your first day will be indicated on your personal page (see above). Before your trip you will receive all the information you need in order to get from the airport to your apartment or the language school.
  Is the school open on holidays?
  During official holidays the school is closed. This can be national as well as local holidays. Check out our website under 'course' for the starting dates of the city you prefer. Here you will find the official holiday dates.
  What about internet?
  In all of our schools we do have a WIFI network which you can use for free. We also have computers available which you can use in case you don’t bring your own laptop.

  How long does a complete course take?
  You are free to choose the duration of your course. You can book from a 1 or 2 weeks minimum up to half a year or even longer. If your preferred course duration isn't mentioned in the price state, please contact us for a price quote.
  How long will it take to learn Spanish?
  It's difficult to say how long it will take to learn a new language. It varies a lot per person. Normally it will take around 4 weeks (20 lessons per week) to achieve a basic level. But this is only an indication and you might need less or more. Just to give you an idea about how long it will take to reach a certain level, you can take a look here: In general it takes 4 weeks of intensive lessons to go through one level. But it will also depend on the motivation you have, the effort you put into it, etc.
  Do I get a certificate?
  Yes, you get a certificate of attendance that states the type of course you attended, its duration and Spanish level.
  What is the duration of one lesson?
  This depends on the school. Take a look under “course” to see how long one lesson takes.
  The level of my group is too high/low, what can I do?
  If you are in a group where the level of the classes is too high or too low in comparison with your level, contact the secretary of the school. They have the best insight in the possibilities to transfer you to another group. If this doesn't work out, please call us and we will help you in finding a solution.
  Who are my class mates?
  The backgrounds of the students are very divers. If you are a student or you haven't studied for the last 10 years, the schools atmosphere makes you feel at home immediately. In July and August there are relatively more younger people (students) then during the rest of the year. Our students are from all over the world. We have people from America, Japan, Italy, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, England, etc.

  When is the accommodation reserved?
  The accommodation is always reserved with arrival on the Sunday before your course start date and departure on the Saturday after your course end date.
  How far is it from the accommodation to the school?
  This depends on the destination. Take a look under “accommodation” to see the maximum distance from the school to your accommodation.
  Are bills included?
  The accommodation price includes all bills like water, gas, electricity. No extra fees will be charged. In some cases a deposit is required. The deposit will be refunded when no damages/problems have occurred.
  What about Internet?
  Depending on the destination there might be Internet available in the accommodation, but we cannot guarantee this in advance. If you require Internet, please write it down in the field “accommodation notes” and we will do our best to try to arrange it.

  Does lingua take care of flights and trains?
  You should arrange the journey to the destination of your choice by yourself. We can give you advice about travel suppliers. Please contact us for inquiries.
  What is an airport transfer?
  You can book an airport transfer ahead. A driver will then pick you up at the airport and drive you to your apartment or directly to the school. The price depends on the distance from the airport. Take a look at 'prices' for the city you prefer. Please note the airport transfer is a single journey. The transfer back to the airport after your stay is not included. You can arrange this at the school or you can contact us.

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